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Duty Free Tax Free Shopping on St. Maarten - St. Martin

There are two main shopping areas on the island: downtown Marigot on the French side, and Front Street in Philipsburg on Sint Maarten, Dutch side. Front Street is lined with about a mile of duty free tax free shopping, primarily jewelry stores. In addition, in Philipsburg there is Old Street with attractive gift stores and art galleries and fashion, and Back Street with a colorful local market, souvenir shoppes, and inexpensive clothing and items of all kinds.

On French St. Martin, the entire center of the Creole inspired town, the harbor and the Marina Royal in Marigot are lovely shopping districts with the charming Caribbean flair thanks to old Creole styled buildings, bistro bars, sidewalk cafes, restaurants, delicatessens, French fashion and designer boutiques, and a fine selection of jewelers and perfume shops. Enjoy your shopping spree on either side!

Art Gallery Dona Bryhiel, Oyster Pond, St. Martin
Episode of "Simple Life" by
Artist Dona Bryhiel

Jewels by Love in St. Maarten and St. Martin offers Ideal Cut GIA certified diamonds. Official exclusive agent for Patek, Breguet, A. Lange and Soehne, Vacheron Constantin, IWC, Ulysse Nardin

Jewels by Love is proud to announce the opening of their sleek new watch and jewelry salon at No. 69B Front Street in Philipsburg. As a branch of the fabled fifth generation family owned Jewels by Love store in Marigot on French St. Martin, this new store on Dutch St. Maarten is managed by Rish Love Mahtani, following in the footsteps of his trailblazing father Love Mahtani.

Timepieces available at Jewels by Love

In tribute to Jewels by Love's flawless reputation, three of the world’s
four greatest watchmakers are already on display at this new location:

Breguet | Vacheron Constantin | A. Lange & Söhne
for the very first time ever in Dutch St. Maarten!

In what is unprecedented in this entire region, each of these legendary brands is featured in a ‘Shop-in-Shop’ at Jewels by Love, recreating the ambiance and the aura of being in each brand’s own boutique in Europe. With Patek Philippe in store in Marigot (and soon in Philipsburg), Jewels by Love is proud to represent all the Big Four.
The Big Four are widely recognized as the greatest watchmakers of all time. In what is both a tribute and a testimonial to their reputation, unrivaled quality and timeless value, virtually all the world records at auctions are held by the Big Four testifying to the fact that they are art, heirloom and investment all rolled in one. Not only are they easily portable and extremely liquid investments but they almost invariably appreciate in value and are very discreetly under-the-radar as well.
A mere handful of jewelers in the entire world have the privilege of being invited by ALL of the Big Four to showcase their collections under one roof. Jewels by Love has the unique privilege of being honored with this distinction.
timepiece by Vacheron Constantin available at Jewels by Love
Jewels by Love specializes in ideal cut GIA certified diamonds

In addition, they represent such renowned watchmakers as I.W.C., Ulysse Nardin and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Located in Marigot and Philipsburg, Jewels by Love also offers an exquisite, in-house designed line of hand-crafted diamond jewelry and an extensive collection of finely cut GIA Certified Diamonds.

As ever, the team at the new Jewels by Love store is well-trained, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and will give you honest and expert counsel on your watch, jewelry and diamond investments. For more information, view also our web display: web page of Jewels by Love

New website of Jewels by Love. Click to view details!


MARIGOT | Saint Martin Phone of Jewels by Love Jewelry Store in Marigot St. Martin (590) 590-872-550
7 Rue du General de Gaulle
Send email to Jewels by Love in St. Martin JBL1 [at]
Jewels by Love has now also a dedicated phone number for US calls US phone number of Jewels by Love 1 (917) 546-0902

PHILIPSBURG | Sint Maarten Phone of Jewels by Love Jewelry Store on Front Street, Philipsburg, St. Maarten (721) 542-6808
69B Front Street new! NEW STORE !

Send email to Jewels by Love in St. Maarten JBL2 [at]
Jewels by Love has now also a dedicated phone number for US calls US phone number of Jewels by Love 1 (917) 463-4319


Jewels by Love
5th & 6th generation jewelers
with a legacy of excellence!

Jewels by Love is the authorized dealer for Patek, Breguet, Vacheron Constantin, A. Lange and Soehne

Website Jewels by loveWebsite Jewels by love

Love Mahtani and his son Rish Love Mahtani are connoisseurs of and passionate about “Haute Horlogerie”. Born into a family of jewelers, they know all about the nearly 1500 years of watch history entrusted to them.

Jewels by Love has now also a dedicated phone number of calling from the US  1 917 546 0902
Marigot, St. Martin

Fine example of a timepiece for a lifetime - Breguet available at Jewels by Love

toll free number calling from the US  1 917 463 4319
Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Jewels by Love in Marigot, St. Martin and Sint Maarten, Philipsburg

At Jewels by Love the Euro/Dollar exchange rate does not affect our pricing. ALL our prices are in US$ on BOTH sides of the island. The cost on ALL our watches, diamonds and jewelry is the same on St. Maarten and St. Martin, thus sold at the SAME $ PRICE Duty & Tax Free.

Shopping for Gems, Jewelry & Watches

Alberto Cappello House of Tanzanite Philipsburg Wathey Square. They carry the most extensive and finest collection of Tanzanite, Pink Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Turquoise and Majestic Topaz. Alberto Cappello is the exclusive dealer of Brazanite, the newest and hottest color change gemstone of the Caribbean. (721) 542-1287

Artistic Jewelers Philipsburg Front Street and Marigot, Rue Général de Gaulle. Carries some of the most popular brands for jewelry and watches. (721) 542-3456 and (590) 590 522-480

Ballerina Jewelers Philipsburg Front Street. Specializes in diamond jewelry and loose diamonds. Offer also fine Italian designer jewelry, and name brand watches e.g. Wenger, Paul Picot, Versace. (721) 542-4399

Caribbean Gems Philipsburg Front Street. Established for two decades on St Maarten, they enjoy an excellent reputation for their loose diamonds, exotic unset gemstones like Tanzanites and Colombian emeralds, fine jewelry, large collection of rings, bracelets, earrings, name brand watches, pearls. Exclusive styles, European craftsmanship, In-house workshop. (721) 542-2176

Shopping Hours in St Maarten and St Martin
Stores on the French side are generally open 9am-1pm and 3pm-7pm. On the Dutch side, in Philipsburg, stores are typically open non stop 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Some stores are open on Sunday morning for a few hours.

DC Diamond Creations & TI Tanzanite International and Amsterdam Diamond Gallery Philipsburg Front Street and Wathey Square. Marigot at West Indies Mall. A nice selection of fine jewelry, loose diamonds, other precious gem stones and jewelry, quality timepieces. (721) 542-2559 and 542-7992

DK Gems International Philipsburg Front Street. Carries a large selection of fine jewelry. Exclusive pieces set with rubies, sapphires and emeralds. They also offer sparkling loose diamonds, Australian opal, tanzanite, Swiss timepieces and designer jewelry. There is a designer on staff to create personalized quality pieces. (721) 542-1978

Effy Collection Philipsburg Front Street. Chic, timeless, elegant and award-winning designer jewelry. They carry fashionable fine jewelry of exceptional quality and value . (721) 542-3951

Goldfinger Jewelry Philipsburg Front Street, and Marigot, Rue de la République, Marina Royale and Le West Indies. Goldfinger are the official Rolex agent on the island. They also carry fine watches from Cartier, Omega, Tag Heuer, Piguet, Breguet, Gucci and many more. In addition they have a wide selection of designer jewelry. (721) 542-4661 and (590) 590 875-996

Joe´s Jewelry International Philipsburg Front Street. Established in 1980, Joe´s is renowned for masterpieces at affordable prices. Large selection of diamonds, tanzanite, name brand watches, pearls, designer jewelry. (721) 543-7020

Large selection of jewels

Shopping for jewelry

Little Europe Jewelers Philipsburg Front Street, and Marigot, Rue Général de Gaulle. The largest, and the oldest family jewelry store on the island. Boasts an enormous selection of luxury jewels and watches. The family has been in the jewelry business since 1875! (721) 542-4371 and (590) 590 879-264

Little Switzerland Philipsburg, Front Street. The most trusted duty-free retailer in the Caribbean! They carry collections of designer and world renowned names in fine jewelry, watches, china, crystal and gifts. (721) 542-3530

Majesty Jewelers Philipsburg Front Street. Beautiful selection of exquisite Australian opal, Kabana jewelry, pink sapphires. Large assortment of loose diamonds, three-stone diamond rings and other gemstone jewelry. (721) 542-2473

Om Jewelers Philipsburg Front Street (next to the Court House). Certified gemologist on the island for almost two decades. They will give you fine advice according to the budget you want to spend on their beautiful color diamond jewelry, amazing collection of designer pieces and watches (Invicta, Chase Durer, Nobel, and Dare to be Different by Alfex). (721) 542-4372

Omni Jewelers Philipsburg Front Street. At the pier across from Burger King, Coliseum Casino Arcade, and at Princess Juliana Airport. Beautiful jewelry at fantastic prices, stunning collection of quality diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites, emeralds, rubies, topaz and opals. Broad selection of gold bracelets, earrings and chains. Name brand watches. Duty Free! (721) 542-4469

Oro de Sol Philipsburg Front Street and Marigot, Rue de la Liberté. Established for more than 20 years, they carry some of the finest watch brands in the world (Cartier, Ebel, Chopard, Lecman, Blancpain etc). The right shop for lovers of refined jewelry and luxury watches (721) 542-8895 and (590) 590 875-651

Oro Diamanté Philipsburg Front Street. Established for almost thirty years. Unrivaled collection of certified loose diamonds, canary yellow diamonds, tanzanites, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and other gemstones. Large selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, gold and platinum jewelry. Switch watches and clocks. In-house custom crafting. (721) 543-0342

Pearl Gems Philipsburg Front Street. Pearl Gems is renowned for carrying the largest selection of pearls in the Caribbean as well as an extensive collection of fine jewelry at excellent prices. (721) 542-6758

Shopper´s Haven Philipsburg Front Street. Extensive range of natural fancy colored diamonds, loose diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones, set or unset. Unique, hand-crafted settings in Platinum and gold. (721) 543-1046

TFJ Tiffany´s Fine Jewelry Philipsburg on Front Street. Brilliant designs, diamonds of excellent quality and in exclusive creations. Tiffany´s has an exquisite collection of tanzanite, emerald, sapphire, rubies, gold, platinum and also men´s jewelry. Exclusive distributor for fine Italian Jewelry such as Bibigi, Fibula Roma, Mattina, Roberta Porrati. (721) 542-0561

Touch of Gold Philipsburg Front Street. Features a large inventory of loose diamonds, elegantly handcrafted platinum, gold offset with diamonds, tanzanite, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other gems. Designer jewelry by Louis Feraud, Chimento, Susy Mor, brand name watches (Daniel Mink, Christian Bernard, Wenger, Skagen, Coin Watch, Azzaro, Seiko, Citizen). Uncompromising quality and exceptional value at Duty-free and tax-free prices (up to 50% off US retail prices!). (721) 542-4120

Trident Jewelers & Shiva´s Gold & Gems Philipsburg Front Street. This family has operated fine jewelry stores throughout the Caribbean for several decades. They boast one of the largest diamond inventories. Exquisite jewelry designs featuring emeralds, tanzanites, rubies, sapphires and semi-precious stones. (721) 542-5203 and 542-5946

Venetian Jewelers Philipsburg Front Street. One of the favorites on Sint Maarten for value conscious jewelry lovers seeking the best deals on duty free pieces. Fancy colored diamond jewelry by C2K designs. (721) 542-3336

Zhaveri Jewelers Philipsburg Front Street. Feature a broad selection of fancy colored diamonds, canary diamonds, certified loose diamonds, fine gold jewelry, platinum diamonds, tanzanites, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, alexandrites either loose or mounted in exquisite jewelry design. Brand name watches, genuine cultured pearls. (721) 542-5176

Shopping for Liquor, Rum, Cigars

St. Maarten Guavaberry Emporium Philipsburg Front Street. Guavaberry is the legendary Island Folk Liqueur of Sint Maarten. It is still made in the heart of the Historical Philipsburg at the ancient Guavaberry Emporium, located in a lovely, white red gingerbread house (see picture to the right). They carry fine Liqueurs (Mango, Lime etc), Vintage and one-of-a-kind rum products, handmade with local fruits and spices. Guavaberry describes the history, cultural tradition and making of Sint Maarten Guavaberry Liqueur in 5 languages. (721) 542-2965
Duty Free Tax Free Shopping

Caribbean Trends Philipsburg. Carries cigars, liquor, gift items, and silver body jewelry. (721) 542-4372

Cigar Emporium Philipsburg Front Street. Top quality, authentic Cuban cigars. Excellent humidification systems. (721) 542-2787

Ministry of Rum dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of this noble spirit

Philipsburg Liquor Store Pointe Blanche (next to the cruise ship port). This was the first liquor store in St Maarten, dating back to 1963. The authentic, colorful building is home to many international brands with over 1,500 wines, spirits, liqueurs, tobacco. The famous Rum Jumbie Liqueur originated from here, a perfect souvenir of St Maarten! (721) 542-3587

Duty Free Information
US citizens who have been out of the country for a minimum of 48 hrs and have not used their respective duty-free allowance within 30 days are entitled to a $600 duty-free tax exemption. Families traveling together can pool their exemptions. Alcohol: The duty-free allowance for US citizens age 21 and over is one quart, the value of which must be included within the $600 exemption.
Canadian citizens who have been out of the country for a minimum of 7 days are entitled to a duty-free exemption of C$75. They are also permitted a duty-free exemption of C$200 each time they are out of the country for more than 48 hrs. This C$200 exemption may not be claimed during the same period as the C$750 exemption, nor can your exemptions be pooled with your spouse and/or children. Alcohol: The duty-free allowance for Canadian citizens who meet the legal age of the province they re-enter is 40 ounces of wine or liquor or two dozen 12-ounce cans of beer, the value of which must be included within the yearly or quarterly exemption.

Shopping for Fashion, Designers, Beachwear

5th Avenue Philipsburg, Front Street. Designer handbags, sunglasses, wallets and other fashion accessory. Unique collection of designer items, including Gucci, Prada, Moschino, Bally, Versace. (721) 542-3401

Budget Nautique Simpson Bay Plaza del Lago. They carry classic, stylish collection for men, women, and children. Fashion with marine flavor. Smart, casual sportswear of leading names. (721) 544 2866

Celine Marigot, Rue Général de Gaulle. Stylish and elegant European fashion. Clothes, swim wear, shoes, leather goods and accessories for women. (590) 590 290-190

Endless Summer Philipsburg, Front Street. Carry swim wear and resort-wear for the entire family. Designs from Germany, Italy, France, the US and Canada. (721) 542-1510

Hugo Boss Marigot, Rue Général de Gaulle & Rue Kennedy (590) 590 878-128

La Romana Marigot, Rue de la République. For the discerning connoisseur of fine lingerie that´s the right spot! Classic Italian designer wear (La Perla), cocktail and evening wear, classic cotton and linen for men leather goods, bags and accessories. (590) 590 878-816

Longchamp Boutique Marigot, Rue Général de Gaulle. The renowned Longchamp from France has recently opened a boutique in Marigot. The boutique carries the famous trendy, stylish and functional fashion of this still family run business. (590) 590 879-276

Shopping for designer fashion in Saint Maarten Transactions in hotels and almost all shops, grocery stores, restaurants on both sides of the island can be made in US Dollars!

On the French side, you may receive your change in Euros. Traveler checks and major credit cards are widely accepted.

ATM's are located at all major banks, and at several public places such as the Princess Juliana airport (SXM), at the Boardwalk in Philipsburg, in Marigot (Euros), and elsewhere.

Max Mara Marigot, Rue Kennedy. The Max Mara store in Marigot is the Max Mara first franchise in the Caribbean, offering Italian chic from the top line Max Mara to sportswear and casual weekend lines. (590) 590 529-975.

MCM Leather The MCM boutique on Airport Road offers the renowned MCM lifestyle items for duty free savings at 30% off US price! (721) 545-5470

Milano Magia Marigot, Rue Général de Gaulle. Fashion, shoes, accessories of many brands such as Moschino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lacroix, Givenchy, Ungaro (590) 590 878 425

Nemo Stile & Moda Outlet Marigot, Rue Général de Gaulle. Italian Fashion for men, women and children. (590) 590 870-850

Plaza Caraibes
Marigot, Rue Général de Gaulle. Shopping plaza with several prestigious boutiques, e.g. Longchamp, Hermes, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Passions jewelry and watch store.

Duty Free Tax Free Shopping West Indies Mall Marigot
Marigot by the harbor. Stylish shopping mall on the waterfront in Marigot featuring many renowned boutiques such as Hediard, New Man, Lacoste, Lancel, Victory.

Shopping for Electronics, Souvenirs, Accessories

Boolchand´s Philipsburg Front Street, and Harbour Point Village. Cameras, electronics (Pioneer, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp), photo products, jewelry & watches (Movado, Concord, ESQ, Fendi, Swiss Military). Best on the island in digital cameras, with absolutely brand new products, duty free. (721) 542-2245

The Dutch Delft Blue Gallery Philipsburg Front Street Hand painted Delftware. There are four types of Delt available: Delft Imari, Delft Green & Gold, traditional Delft Blue and Delft Plychrome. (721) 542-5204

Fun Shirts Simpson Bay Palapa Centre. Carry some of the coolest tees for men, women & children, and a full line of coffee mugs, key chains, caps, bags, beach towels, sportswear items. (721) 545-3832

Lord & Hunter Philipsburg Front Street and many other locations. Giftware and accessories, post cards, sweatshirts, sandals, beach towels, books, drugstore items etc.

Maneks Marigot, Rue de la République. Carry (digital) electronics. Authorized distributor for Konica Minolta. Wide selection of assorted merchandise including T-shirts and souvenirs, tanning lotions, luggage, Swiss army knives, and duty free liquors. (590) 590 875-491

Shipwreck Shops Philipsburg Front Street. This family run shopping Mecca carries unusual souvenirs, island art, beach accessories, books, T-shirts, Caribbean handcraft, scented soap and candles, fragrances, and an impressive collection of local gourmet products. (721) 545-2737


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