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Restaurants on St. Martin and St. Maarten - Where to dine on the island

If you are a lover of great food, then you have come to the right spot. St Maarten/St Martin for such a small island has probably the highest concentration of fine restaurants per square mile in the entire Caribbean. There are over 300 restaurants and eateries to choose from, and a large number of them make visitors and foodies return to the island year after year.

On this Restaurant page, you will find only a selection of restaurants and beach bars on both, St. Martin and St. Maarten. This selection of dining options is based on key criteria, such as delivering consistently great quality and services, a special location (e.g. beachfront), or by multiple recommendations (marked by) Recommended restaurant from island visitors of A complete overview of St. Martin/St. Maarten's restaurants is published on our sister web site at

  • On Dutch St. Maarten, main areas for dining out offering a wide range of cooking styles and ethnic food: in Philipsburg, Simpson Bay and in the Maho & Cupecoy area, (French, Italian, American, Mexican, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese).
  • The French side is concentrating on European cuisine, mainly French and Italian, as well as Antillean cooking. Most of its fine restaurants are in Marigot or in Grand Case, the "Gourmet Capital" of the Caribbean, but there is also excellent dining in Orient Bay and Oyster Pond, and in Nettle Bay


Grand Case can be described as scenic, charming, picturesque, laid-back, casual and spectacular! About 30 years ago, it was a sleepy fishing village. Today, it is reputed as the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean. No other town in the Caribbean offers such a high density of fine dining and casual eateries as Grand Case! Map of Grand Case For many island visitors, the Grand Case restaurants are the reason why they come back to St. Martin again and again, year after year! View MAP for location of the many restaurants in Grand Case!

Under Restoration - Presently closed
Recommended restaurant L'Auberge Gourmande
Phone L'Auberge Gourmande, Grand Case (590) 0590 87 73 37
Blvd de Grand Case, Open 7/7, dinner only
A gourmet delight set in a traditional building dating back 120 years. Established in 1979 as the 3rd restaurant to open in Grand Case. Since then, it enjoys an excellent reputation for a perfect French dining experience in a classical, romantic and elegant atmosphere. Elaborate menu with regularly changing and stunningly presented specials. Extensive wine list. Excellent service, charming, elegant atmosphere, with personal touch. Expensive, but worth it!

Destroyed by Hurricane Irma - Under Reconstruction
Beach Bar in St Martin Recommended restaurant Calmos Café
Phone (590) 0590 29 01 85
Blvd de Grand Case - Beachside, access from the "C'est la Vie" Boutique, opposite the old sugar mill (northbound).
Very casual Beach Bar and restaurant, nice setting, right on the beach. Live band playing on some nights, usually Thursdays and Sundays. Tables are set up right on the sand. Pricing moderate, and portions are big! Very friendly and attentive French waiters, speaking English, too!

Calmos Cafe Grand Case  Calmos Cafe in Grand Case
Calmos Cafe's front side and Beachfront setting at the Calmos

Bistrot Caraibes in Grand Case

Lobster tank in front of the Bistrot Caraibes Restaurant
Bistrot Caraibes

Re-opens November 7, 2017
Recommended restaurant Bistrot Caraibes
Phone Bistrot Caraibes (590) 0590 29 08 29
website Bistrot Caraibes 81 Blvd de Grand Case
Open for dinner only

Fine French Cuisine with a touch of Creole/local, and with an extensive list of fine wines. Ranks on the list top 5 restaurants in Grand Case for many years! A place where you will feel welcome from the start. The two brothers and owners, Thibault and Amaury Meziere are professionals and wonderful hosts offering consistently excellent food and service for about two decades!

The Daily Herald, Feb. 09, review about the Bistrot Caraibes

Orient Beach Studios
View at one of their studios

Main courses at Bistrot Caraibes range from fresh local lobster (picked from the lobster tank next to your table), fresh fish, to roasted duck. Leave some room for the end, their desserts are to die for!

The same brothers Amaury & Thibault offer also lodging at their beautifully renovated, yet very affordable Orient Beach Studios, beachfront 1 bedroom units owned and run by Bistrot Caraibes' ownersOrient Beach Studios!

Le Cottage restaurant in Grand Case Closed / Under Restoration
Le Cottage
Phone Le Cottage
(590) 0590 29 03 30
63, Blvd de Grand Case Open for dinner only. Closed on Sundays (May thru November) A "classic" in Grand Case! You can't go wrong at this place!
Serves consistently great food and excellent service for over a decade! Let hosts Bruno and Stephane (le sommelier) spoil you for a night in this quaint place with great French cuisine. Nice atmosphere. Extensive wine list, with some very fine wines. One of the best foie gras on the island. Fresh lobster, fabulous seafood, fresh fish, Surf´n Turf.

Presently closed
Restaurant on French St Martin La Petite Table (formerly L'Estaminet)
139 Blvd Grand Case
New charming small restaurant offering lovely French, Caribbean and international cuisine. Cozy setting in a Creole cottage. Price range moderate. Open for dinner only.

Destroyed by Hurricane Irma - Under Reconstruction
Beach Bar in St MartinRestaurant on French St Martin Zen it!
Phone Zen it (590) 0590 29 44 84
48, Blvd de Grand Case
A lovely beachside casual bar & restaurant serving French and international food with an Antillean touch. Great views, right on the water/beach of Grand Case next to the bridge. They have a serviced section on the beach just below, equipped with lounge chairs and umbrellas (next to Calmos Cafe).

Open for Busines!
Restaurant on French St Martin Love (Hotel)
Phone (590) 0590 29 87 14
140 Blvd de Grand Case (at former Chez Martine)
Opened in 2011 by a young French couple, this place has quickly become a new happening place in Grand Case. It is a small seaside hotel and (tapas) bar with a stellar wine list and predinner appetizers like a beef carpaccio. There is a friendly seaside cafe-bar-restaurant on ground floor, and loungers and giant beanbags ("fat boys") to hang out on the beach a few steps down. The hotel stilts over the sand, offering an idyllic perch to watch the sun dip into the sea with a cocktail and delicious tapas of your choice.

Beach facilities at Love Hotel

Love Hotel

Beach location of the Love Hotel

Re-opened November 3, 2017
Restaurant on St Martin La Villa
Phone (590) 0590 52 36 59
website La Villa
93 Blvd de Grand Case (at the former place of L'Alabama)
Open for dinner only, 5:30-10:30pm
Highly rated restaurant, taken over, renovated and run by Florence and Christophe since late 2009. Warm hosts, excellent service, wonderful setting, perfectly prepared food regardless if fish, meat, appetizer, entree or dessert... This place receives high accolades from everybody! Look them up in TripAdvisor, they are presently ranked no. 1 in Grand Case.

La Villa Restaurant in Grand Case

La Villa Restaurant

entrance of La Villa

Activities Don't miss out to visit the famous Lolo's of Grand Case - located downtown near the pier ! Activities
Restaurant on French St Martin "The Lolo's" of Grand Case
Seaside eateries, right in the heart of Grand Case with tables alongside the street OR seating on the partially covered terrace overlooking the beach, next to the main pier. A "must go" during your visit on the island! These Lolo's are casual open air eateries run by locals.
Setting of the picnic-style tables is around the BBQs to grill the catch of the day, fresh fish, lobsters, gambas, and ribs, chicken served with fries or rice and cole slaw. Very moderately priced for very decent food! Prepared freshly every day, in big portions and at low prices! Average $10-15 for a meal. Patrons of the Lolo's come from all over the world, most times it's a crowd of locals, French residents and Northamerican tourists.

Sky's the Limit - Lolo is OPEN FOR BUSINESS !!!
These Lolos are everything but fancy. You'll sit amidst the BBQ smoke and exposed to the traffic in the main street (unless you get a table on the seaside), but you will for sure enjoy the food, it's fresh and moderately priced!

Lolo in Grand Case   Talk of the Town, one of the lolos in Grand Case
Sky's the Limit  ||   Talk of Town

Entrance of the square of Petite Favorite
Entrance to the square of
"La Petite Favorite"

Presently closed
Restaurant on French St Martin Piazza Pascal
Phone (590) 0590 87 39 21
Blvd de Grand Case
Italian and French cuisine. Open daily from 5:30pm - 10:00pm. Run by French chef Pascal and his American wife Dona. Note, The Piazza is NOT a pizza place (piazza = place or square in Italian). They do however offer Italian pasta. Located in the quaint square of "La Petite Favorite" with tables on 1st and 2nd floor on a quiet veranda.
Spiga Recommended Restaurant Spiga Restaurant
Phone Spiga (590) 0590 52 47 83 website Spiga
Grand Case (Northern end, at the corner Blvd de Grand Case and the road to Grand Case Airport)
Open 7/7 for dinner only from 6.00 to 10.30pm. Closed Mondays in low season. Creative Italian Cuisine in a beautifully restored, authentic Creole Home. Fine Italian wine list. You can't go wrong here. Reservations recommended, as the place is often packed. One of the gourmet highlights of Grand Case for over a decade!

Status after Hurricane Irma unknown
Restaurant on French St Martin Le Soleil
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0590 87 92 32 website Soleil
Blvd de Grand Case Open 7/7 for lunch & dinner
Sunday dinner only.
Best to enjoy for lunch time; fantastic views! This small restaurant stilts over the beach offering a lovely (covered) dining space to watch the sea from every table. A hidden secret in town, run by French couple Laurent and Myriam and chef Stephane, all from Alsace/France. Reasonable prices for Grand Case standards. Aside from traditional & local food, they offer specialties from Alsace, e.g. "Tarte Flambees" (comparable to a thin pizza with sour creme & bacon) or 'sauerkraut' (choucroute). Daily fix price lunch specials at approx. $18.00.

Status after Irma unknown
Restaurant on French St Martin Ti Coin Créole
Phone Ti Coin Creole (590) 0590 87 92 09
Blvd de Grand Case
Open 7/7 for lunch & dinner
Antillean Restaurant w. Creole specialties served on the porch of a Case Creole.
Le Coin Creole in Grand Case

Under Restoration
Rainbow Cafe
Phone (590) 0590 87 55 80
176 Blvd de Grand Case
Steak and Fish House
Open 7/7 for bfst., lunch, dinner. After years of being closed, new owner Douglas revived and renovated the place in 2012. Great grilled meat and fish specialties, cocktails and much more. You can choose type and size of food (ribeye, filet, a grouper....) and match it with your favorite sauce. The place is fancy, serving food on the beachside veranda or right on the beach under umbrellas. Lovely interior decor.

Recommended restaurant Le Pressoir
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0590 87 76 62
Blvd de Grand Case
Open 7/7 for dinner only from 6.00 to 10.30pm
Fine French cuisine
Le Pressoir in Grand Case
Lot's of atmosphere in this 1886 Creole house in vibrant colors (refreshed in 2012). Great desserts. Very French, and very French service. Great beef tenderloin. Specialties: sea scallops with mango, homemade Porto foie gras, grilled snapper in vanilla sauce, lobster Antillean style. Beautiful dining room inside. Seating also outside. Expensive, but worth it.

Destroyed by Hurricane Irma
- Under Reconstruction
Recommended Restaurant Sunset Café
Phone Restaurant (590) 0590 87 51 87
Grand Case (Northern end)
Open 7/7 for bfst., lunch & dinner.
Tucked away in the Grand Case Beach Club, this is a fine place for a Caribbean sunset overlooking Anguilla and Creole Rock. Nestled next to the sands of "Petite Plage", you can also enjoy a casual lunch. The evening dinner menu offers delicacies such as Lobster Ravioli, Chilean Sea bass with almonds, complemented by a wide selection of wines.

View at the Doves Nest apartments down to the Sunset Cafe at Grand Case Beach
View of Sunset Cafe from
the balcony at The Doves Nest:

Local fresh fish, grilled chicken in Tamarind Sauce, curry goat, fresh conch, stuffed crab, chicken sate, etc. Banana chocolate cake; homemade rum punches, prepared by native chef Carl. A very moderately priced eatery for freshly prepared specialties! Located at the northern end, near Grand Case Beach Club. Own parking.


On and near Orient Bay, there are several areas for dining out. There are many casual beach bars and restaurants lined up along the beach. There is "Orient Village", a little marketplace located on 2nd line to the beach, where you'll also find a nice choice of restaurants and bars, and there are a few more places to go for lunch or dinner in the entrance area of Orient Bay, between 1/4 to 1 mile away from the beach.

Beach bar/restaurants on Orient Bay Beach from North to South: ALL WERE WIPED OUT BY HURRICANE IRMA!
As of October 15, 2017 there are presently 2 places on Orient Beach for food & drinks:
The Lite Perch Beach Bar & Grill at Club Orient and the Alamanda Kitchen in the center of Orient Beach (at Alamanda Resort)

Beach Bar in St MartinOrient Beach North - all gone!

Beach Bar Palm Beach
Beach Bar Coco Beach
Beach Bar Waïkiki
Orient Bay La Playa

Beach Bar in St Martin Orient Beach Center - All gone!

Beach Bar Bikini Beach
Beach Bar Kakao Beach
Beach Bar Kontiki
Beach Bar
Le String
Beach Bar Fiesta Mexicana

Beach Bar in St MartinOrient Beach South - all gone!

Beach Bar Brice Paradise
Beach Bar Aloha
Beach Bar Orange Fever
Beach Bar Ethnic
Beach Bar Leandra
Beach Bar Salsa
Beach Bar Paradisio
Beach Bar Bay Watch (Cheryl & Andy)
Beach Bar Pedro (Latino)
Beach Bar Papagayo (Club O, naturist friendly)

Restaurants in Orient Village at the market place (dining square)

Presently closed
Orient Village Côté Plages
Phone (590) 0590 52 47 37
Orient Village Open 7/7 for dinner. Closed on Mondays in low season Traditional French cuisine. Accommodating bilingual staff that will welcome you in a Mediterranean-like, casual and very relaxed atmosphere. Fine specialties such as duck pie with wild mushrooms, or the Risotto of sea scallops and shrimps. Good place to take children with (pedestrian zone).

Presently closed
Happy Day
Orient Village Open for dinner.
Finally, a steakhouse at the market place!

Presently closed
Le P'tit Bistro (formerly Le Cadre)
Restaurant and Tapas bar that just changed ownership. More details to follow.

Presently closed
Little Italy
Orient Village Open for dinner only
Fine Italian dining at this former TexMex place. Stylish, new design, and a nice setting, but prices also went up. Pricy!

Destroyed by Hurricane Irma - Closed
La Rhumerie (formerly Taichi)
Phone (590) 0590 87 74 90
Orient Village Open daily for dinner
Creole cuisine in a lovely setting at the main square of Orient Bay village.

Practically Unharmed by Hurricane Irma
Restaurant Le Taitu
Phone(590) 590 87 43 23 65 Route de Mont Vernon
Open 7/7 for dinner 6.30 to 10.00pm. Creole / French cuisine
Salads, French and Creole specialties, pasta, meat, seafood and the desserts at affordable prices. Open for lunch with special menu starting at around 10 Euros. Closed Wednesdays in low season. Nice location amidst lush garden. Warm and friendly atmosphere. GREAT VALUE FOR LUNCH MENU!

Presently closed
La Table d'Antoine
Dining square at Orient Village (at the former Safari Grill)
Open 7/7 for bfst., lunch and dinner. Offers French and international cuisine.

Presently closed
La Voile Blanche
Dining square at Orient Village Open for dinner
"Gourmet" bistrot at the dining squar. Fine dining in an casual, elegant setting.

Presently closed
NEW Cafe Mediterranee
Dining square at Orient Village Open for dinner
The newcomer featuring Greek and other Mediterranean style cuisine.

Presently closed
Le Piment
Phone (590) 0690 40 09 99
Orient Village - Open for dinner only
Le Piment
A (family) friendly pizza & pasta place on the market square at Orient Village. Attentive and friendly service. Most popular place for a family night out on Orient Bay at reasonable prices.

--At the entrance of Orient Bay Village--

Status after Irma unkown
Restaurant on French St Martin Astrolabe
Phone Restaurant (590) 0590 87 36 36
Open 7/7, for bfst. & dinner. A hidden restaurant of St. Martin, within the Esmeralda Resort on Orient Bay, distinguished atmosphere. Authentic French Cuisine, fresh lobster.
Restaurant on French St Martin Rancho del Sol Steak House
Orient Bay area (hilltop just before the main entrance to Orient Bay) Open daily 10am to 10pm
El Rancho Texan Food, Steak specialites (Kebab's) and also Pizzas. Al fresco lunch and dinner with panoramic view. Excellent place to go for lunch!
Presently under Restoration/Reconstruction - Re-opening soon!
Restaurant on French St Martin Loterie Farm - Hidden Forest Café
Phone number Forest Cafe (590) 0590 87 86 16
At Pic Paradis (between Grand Case and Marigot).
At the Forest Café, surrounded by lush green vegetation, you’ll feast your eyes and stomach on Chef Julia Purkus’ culinary creations. All dishes are freshly prepared, and made using only the freshest ingredients (and subsequently, on Sundays when the restaurant is really busy, waiting times can be long...). Each tropical, colorful plate is garnished with fresh flowers. Next to the Forest Cafe is a wonderful open air lounge area, tree house style. A beautiful place to either spend your waiting time for the restaurant, or enjoy a 'digestif' or a 'ptit cafe' after lunch. In high season reservations recommended, if you plan to go on a weekend day.

At the Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm - Open for lunch Tue-Sat
from 12-3 pm and dinner 6:30-9:30 pm. Sundays from 12-6 pm.

Activities -- Friar's Bay (half way between Grand Case and Marigot) - Great Places for Beach-side Lunch! -- Activities

Destroyed by Irma - Status of reconstruction unknown
Beach Bar in St MartinChez Kali's

Phone Captain Alan (590) 0690 49 06 81 Rastafarian (Jamaica)
Beach Bar Restaurant Good curries and local fish, such as trunk fish or old wives fish. Kali's is "famous" for its Full Moon party every month that starts late and ends with the sunrise on the beach. Live reggae throughout that very night!

Destroyed by Irma - Presently closed
Beach Bar in St MartinFriar's Bay Beach Cafe

Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0690 49 16 87

French cuisine
Beach Bar Restaurant right on Friar´s Bay beach. A casual place for a very relaxed lunch at one of their beach cabanas set up right on the sand. Daily changing menu, attentive and efficient French staff.

Friar's Bay
Friar's Bay Beach Cafe
Things to do Dining in Marigot - downtown, waterfront and at The Marina Royale Things to do

Marigot, the laid-back, charming Creole/European capital of St. Martin, French side, has basically two centers for dining. One is downtown at the harbor, the other at Marina Royale on the Eastern edge of the town, next to the Tourist Office.
O Plongeoir
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin Marigot Waterfront (across the Yacht Club), near West Indies Shopping Mall
Delightful restaurant with consistent quality over a decade and friendly, efficient service. Lots of regulars, mainly French residents come both, for lunch and dinner. Wide range of different food and daily specials. Also a good choice of cocktails and a good wine list. Resonable rates for dinner and specials for lunch. Absolutely recommendable.
Tropicana Restauarant

Presently closed
Recommended restaurant La Tropicana
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0590 87 79 07
Marigot Marina Royale
Open for lunch and dinner

Classic and creative French cuisine. A different menu for lunch and dinner in a pleasant setting by the water. One of the most popular places in Marigot for residents and tourists alike for almost 20 years.

Popular Activities -- Out and About in Philipsburg - Dining in the Dutch Capital of St. Maarten -- Popular Activities

Philipsburg has many low cost, simple restaurants, often Chinese, Indian, or Creole, and several fast food places. The "beautification" of Philipsburg, such as the "Boardwalk" along the beach, came along with a new breed of lovely restaurants and casual beach bars. Some are a bit difficult to find, or hidden in a little alley, or just do not show their real value. Philipsburg is more a place for going to at day time. At night, some places close rather early (around sunset), and the town is rather quiet.

Re-opening soon!
Recommended restaurant Chez Delphine
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 522 2313
Philipsburg, Boardwalk, corner of Speetjens Arcade
Newest addition to eateries on Great Bay, located right at the beginning of the Boardwalk, when you come from the cruise port and Bobby's Marina. A great restaurant and bar for excellent food, drinks and refreshments like smoothies or snow cones. Very moderately priced, Delphine offers French influenced food, from standards (excellent sandwiches!) to lobster barbecues. You can sit either inside, Creole-style, with a great view on to the passing people and Great Bay, or right in the sand a few steps away from the waters. In any case, the creative owner offers great cuisine and service for guests, regardless, whether you are looking just for a drink, a snack, or a full menu! Entertainment at some days and nights. No doubt, it is a hidden gem on the Boardwalk in Philipsburg.

Chez Delphine on the Boardwalk in Philipsburg

Recommended restaurant Chez Delphine Recommended restaurant
on the Boardwalk  

Chez Delphine seating on the beach of Great Bay

Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten Greenhouse Bar & Restaurant
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 542 2941
Great Bay/Bobby´s Marina
(at the beginning of the Boardwalk)
International cuisine. Open for lunch & dinner. A good place for Happy Hour or a casual evening out. Enjoy the fully stocked bar or dinner at this casual restaurant, and sit outside to enjoy the fine Caribbean weather. Greenhouse offers two-for-one drinks every Tuesday, which makes this a busy night at the bar. Their menu features steak, ribs, lobsters, and fresh fish.

Restaurant on Dutch St. Maarten Taloula Mango
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 542 1645
website Taloula
Philipsburg. Boardwalk, next to St. Rose Arcade

Taloula Mango

Status after Irma unknown
Another excellent option for a low-key lunch, or early evening out on the Boardwalk. Lunch specials for 7-10$, and reasonably priced dinner menu. Live band on Friday evenings.
Owners Sue and Norman Wathey combine decades of culinary experience, as the couple also runs the Kangaroo Court for many years. "We've always wanted a beautiful place on the beach," Norman said in an interview with the local newspaper The Daily Herald. "Taloula Mango's feels good to people. Our team members take pride in making sure orders are right and people are happy. The beach is the place where people can relax and enjoy themselves. We're all about that - and all about delicious food."

Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten Mark's Place
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 543 2625
Philipsburg, Bush Rd 79 on the parking lot of Grand Marche
Creole cuisine.
Appetizers include Christophine Farcie, Acras, Calamari Cocktail, some great salads; main courses range from seafood (e.g. local snapper, conch stew) to chicken and other meats (steaks, creole chicken, goat stew, pork tenderloin, etc.). Mark's Place keeps up his excellent food & service for over 10 years. Don't turn away because the location doesn't look fancy! The place is absolutely worth to give it a try!

Restaurant on Dutch St. Maarten The Ocean Lounge
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (721) 542 2572
Website Ocean Lounge
Philipsburg Boardwalk Frontstreet 43 (at The Holland House)
New restaurant open for bfst., lunch and dinner. This attractive place serves tapas and finger foods in a new and trendy European style restaurant. You can have a dinner on lounge seats with a nice view over the water. The kitchen is international with a great wine assortment. See also their appealing website at Holland House

Destroyed by Hurricane Irima
Restaurant on Dutch St. Maarten
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 542 3588
Philipsburg, Boardwalk, 19 Front Street (at the Pasanggrahan Guesthouse)
Open for bfst., lunch and dinner. Set amidst the wonderful, tropical garden of the Creole-style Pasanggrahan Hotel, they do not only serve Indian food throughout the day, but also international cuisine. Pasanggrahan is also good for seafood.

Oualichi on the Boardwalk
Oualichi on the Boardwalk
Oualichi seating on the beach

Status unkown
Recommended restaurant Oualichi
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (721) 543 4316
Philipsburg, Boardwalk
One of the newer places in town, this fun, nautical-themed eatery serves up mostly sandwiches, pizza and burgers. You can sit outside on the beach or inside, or at one of the tables on the covered veranda. The glass-covered bar and some of the tables are decorated with sand, shells, and other beachy things. Oualichi is a popular hangout, which can also be booked for special occasions and business luncheons etc.

Status unkown
Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten Chesterfields Restaurant
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 542 3484
Great Bay at Bobby's Marina
Open 7/7 for bfst., lunch and dinner.
International cuisine, with a very large choice of different dishes. Great food on Great Bay! The setting is very pleasant and quiet on the water, off the road to the cruise ship pier. Popular place within the local (business) community, especially for lunch. Recommended also for excellent breakfast!

Status after Irma unknown
Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten L´Escargot
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 542 2483
Philipsburg, Front Street 96
Open for lunch & dinner
Classic, delicious French Cuisine and seafood with a special twist. L´Escargot - that´s over 30 years of excellent dining in a vintage gingerbread Creole house. There is a choice of 8 different styles of snails on the menu, and house favorites include Rack of Lamb, Langouste, and Roasted Duck. Some of their desserts have been award winning. Friday night, they feature "La Cage aux Folles", a lively dinner cabaret show.




-- Dining in the Simpson Bay area - in the heart of Dutch St. Maarten --

The Simpson Bay area is the long strip that starts at the airport and runs North until it turns into Cole Bay at approximately the Megaplex Cinema. Simpson Bay may have the widest choice in terms of ethnic food on the island. You will find American, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Tex-Mex, etc. cuisine, and the setting ranges from low-key, casual eateries to fine dining, elegant restaurants. Simpson Bay is also the busiest area on St. Maarten, both in terms of businesses and traffic. If the draw bridge is open, which happens at least 3 times per day, you'll have to have some patience in getting around....

Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten Bavaria
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 544 2665
Simpson Bay, Airport Rd.
German cuisine
Consistently good German food at reasonable prices, e.g. rouladen and sauerbraten, Spaetzle (pasta) and red cabbage, potato soup. Large choice of best German beer available! German owner Anette also organizes a special Octoberfest every year with typical German sausages, sauerkraut and of course, lots of beer and waitresses sporting the traditional "Dirndl" costume, and waiters the "Lederhosen"!

Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten Ciao (former Los Gauchos)
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 544 4084
At Pelican Resort Marina
Open daily for bfst., lunch & dinner
Don't let you fool by the kind of unusual entrance that looks more like entering a condo complex... ! Ciao is a fine Italian waterfront restaurant & pizzeria set up in nautical themes. Nice setting on the waterfront terrace at Simpson Bay. Reasonable prices ($11+ for appetizers, main curses start at $14) for good food prepared by the attentive Italian chef.

Pineapple Pete
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 544 6030
Simpson Bay (opposite Megaplex cinema). Open daily from 11am till late.
This casual eatery has become a popular and busy place, mainly with Northamerican (repeat) clients and visitors. They also feature Pool tables in an air-conditioned room and live music on some nights. The waiters are very attentive and efficient, and the bartenders do also a wonderful job.

The Stone
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 526 2037 Website: WWW site of the restaurant on Sint Maarten
The Stone Excellent tender meat, steaks and fish prepared on a hot stone on your table. The setting is simple, but quality of the meat is great! Sushi now also on their menu.

Beach Bar in St MartinMary´s Boon Beach Plantation
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 545 7000
Simpson Bay Rd 117 (beachside, behind the runway). Open 7/7 for bfst., lunch & dinner
Renowned for its historical and ambient Mary´s Boon Beach Plantation Resort founded in 1970, its restaurant "The Tide"offers dining right on the beach at Simpson Bay. Its open air seaside dining gallery provides a fantastic setting right on the white sand beach.

Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten Boat House
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 544 5409
Simpson Bay, Airport Rd
A very popular restaurant for steaks and seafood. Set in a colorful Caribbean Cottage on the waterfront on Simpson Bay Lagoon. Live music (Jazz) on some nights.
Boat House

Topper's Bar and Restaurant
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 544-3500 and 522 6760
website Toppers and email Email Toppers
Simpson Bay, 113 Welfare Road (next to Dolphin Casino)
Open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner. Sunday dinner only (from 4pm on). Karaoke on Thursday nights. American Restaurant in a Caribbean Cottage, taken over from formerly well known "Bananas" in 2006. The new menu is innovative yet unfussy. Includes Tuna, crab stuffed Mahi-Mahi, New York Strip and Roast Pork. An easy place to have dinner for 2, great atmosphere, good food and drinks for far less than $100! Toppers specials change daily and range from Crab stuffed Mahi, Prim Rib Night (Tue+Wed), NY Striploin, Filet Mignon... to all you can eat Pasta Festival at $12 (Sunday).

Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten Crave
Phone restaurant Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 586 0467
Simpson Bay, 101 Welfare Road

Mediterranean fine food at the entrance to Pelican Key, next to Billy Folly Road. Bistro type at medium to high price level. Open daily, except Saturdays from 5pm to 10pm. Great ratings on TripAdvisor.

Crave Restaurant on Simspon Bay

Restored after Hurricane Irma! OPEN FOR BUSINESS !!!
Beach BarKarakter
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (721) 523 9983
Simpson Bay Rd. 121
next to Mary Boon's Plantation
Beach - Lounge - Restaurant
Open daily from 10:00am - 5:00pm except Tuesdays, open on Friday night with live music (Jazz, Raggae)
A fun beach bar, right between runway and Simpson Bay beach built around a school bus, the bar, and lounge chairs on the beach. Nice drinks, and snacks/tapas. Very attentive management and service. Moderate prices.

-- Dining in the Maho & Cupecoy area - on the Dutch side of St. Maarten --

Maho and Cupecoy are the 'hub' of night entertainment for St. Martin/St. Maarten. The area features the highest 'concentration' of casinos, bars, discotheques and adult entertainment. It's the area you should go if you are looking for a night out full of entertainment. In regard to restaurants, the area offers a wide range, from casual beach bars to well established, elegant dining at one of the fine French or Italian restaurants.

Beach Bar Bamboo Bernies
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 545 3622
Maho Arcade
Open 7/7 for Lunch and dinner. Bamboo Bernies is a classic for sushi on the island! Sushi Bar, Restaurant, discotheque and live music venue. Exotic Tiki drinks, fresh sushi, BBQ, live music, in a Caribbean setting. Features over 30 varieties of tropical drinks.

Restaurant Cheris Cafe Cheri´s Café
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 545 3361 website Cheris Cafe
Maho Beach Resort
International Cuisine, open for lunch and dinner
Cheri's Cafe features a large bar with entertainment and life music. Its international cuisine is very well adapted to its mainly American clientele. A somewhat touristic place in the heart of Maho, between casinos and hotels. Some nights are very packed by the American crowd. A place where you can enjoy a night full of fun and entertainment!

Recommended restaurant Moulin Fou
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 545 57 77 website Moulin Fou
Maho Beach Resort (behind Cheri's Cafe)
French and International Cuisine
Excellent traditional French food. Attentive French waiters will guide you through your dinner. You can watch people and entertainment at Cheri's Cafe, just below the Moulin Fou's terrace. Moulin Fou has both, inside air-conditioned sitting and outside on the veranda.

Restaurant Rare on St. Maarten Rare
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 545 5714
Cupecoy at Starz City Casino
Steaks and international cuisine
Open for dinner only.
A classic serving consistently fine quality and service. The place to enjoy a special night filled with Steak,s, chops or seafood!

Restaurant on Dutch St Maarten Temptation
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 545 2254 website
Cupecoy at Starz City Casino
Open 7/7 for dinner only. Closed on Monday in low season
Fine dining restaurant with live piano music and international cuisine. The softly lit, cozy dining room is fashionable, romantic and soothing at the same time, and was created by celebrated designer Craig Spann. The extensive and ever-evolving Nouveau Caribbean menu and flawless service make dining a seductive culinary experience.

Beach Bar in St MartinSunset Bar & Grill
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 520 5251 website
A great beach side 'hang-out' bar. Happy hours are always a lot of fun. Enjoy watching tourists sitting in the center of the beach running for their lives when an airplane comes in! Beach food, seafood, grilled specials, drink specials, and live entertainment. A place to go at least once during your visit. Best times are Saturday and Sunday afternoon with highest air traffic in the afternoon....
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-- Restaurants in Nettle Bay and Sandy Ground - French side of St. Martin, just out of Marigot --

This area is a strange mix of very low-key, informal eateries to the finest and only 5 star gourmet restaurants. Conveniently close to Marigot and the Maho/Cupecoy area, both a 5-10 minutes drive away.

Restaurant on French St Martin The Bridge
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0590 29 63 57
Sandy Ground at the drawbridge
Open for dinner only, from 6.00 to 11:00pm Closed on Tuesdays
Relax in this Caribbean style decoration. Authentic Creole and local dishes, international grill, seafood specialties. Large choice of wines. Large open air terrace on the waterfront overlooking the bridge of Sandy Ground and the channel between the lagoon and sea. Friday night: Creole Buffet with live entertainment, which is very popular!

Destroyed by Hurricane Irma. The Dream will NOT re-open!
Beach Bar in St MartinThe Sands and The Dream
Two different beach bar/restaurants next to each other right on Nettle Bay Beach
Open 7/7 for lunch and dinner, great beach view, nice setting overlooking the sea.

Status after Hurricane Irma unknown
Beach Bar in St MartinLayla's
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0590 51 00 93
Nettle Bay, beachside
This relatively new beach bar & restaurant is a great place to have a good french cuisine lunch. Not cheap, but worth every penny. Original seafood dishes. A bit hard to find since it is not located right on the road, but you have to go on a dirt road through a gate, it is next to Hotel Royal Beach, look for the big Layla's sign.

Beach Bar in St MartinMa Ti Beach
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0590 87 01 30
Beach bar/restaurant at Nettle Bay Beach Club
Open 7/7 for lunch and dinner, great ocean view, in a nice setting in tiki huts on the deck overlooking the beach. Fresh lobster from the tank. Moderately priced.

-- Dining on Oyster Pond (French and Dutch side) and on Dawn Beach (Dutch St. Maarten) --

Oyster Pond / Dawn Beach is a bit the undiscovered area on the island in terms of dining, although the area offers a very nice choice of different types of restaurants and beach bar restaurants. From casual eateries to dining in the elegant set up at Westin Resort's fine dining restaurant, you'll find it all in this area, which is an easy 10-15 minutes drive away from Philipsburg or Orient Bay.

Mama Pizza
Phone Mama Pizza (721) 527 1009 and
Phone Mama Pizza (590) 0690 35 24 12
Oyster Pond #94 (French side. Near the border). At the former DVD shop run by the same owner couple, Desmond and Stephanie. Open Mon-Sun from 4pm.
Ample choice in fresh, genuine, crusty, great Italian pizzas, freshly hand-spun and prepared in front of your eyes. Dine in, take-away, or get the pizzas delivered to your home in the Oyster Pond area. Pizzas start at around $12. Also pasta and meat dishes available. Casual al fresco dining area with nice views of Oyster Pond and the star gazing!
restaurant Big Fish
Phone Beau Beau (721) 543 6288
Oyster Pond, next to Mr. Busby's
Open for bfst., lunch & dinner
A wonderful new restaurant on Oyster Pond/Dawn Beach, next door to Mr. Busby's. Started as a waterfront eatery in 2007 and moved across the street in 2012 into an casual elegant setting with more seating capacity than before. Inexpensive lunch menu. More expensive for dinner, serving excellent fish (and other specialities). Nice and friendly service!

Restaurant on French St Martin
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0590 29 05 68
Oyster Pond (opposite the Superette / Grocery store)
Nice family diner run by French owner Martine.

Seating is al fresco to enjoy the fine warm Caribbean weather. Moderately priced delicious meals (18 - 28 Euro for main course). Excellent fish soup, great pasta with seafood, and excellent salads. Our favorites are the seafood platter ("Parillade"), Entrecote, Veal with mushrooms, and escalope. Some meals are also for "to go" including pizzas.

Completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma
Beach Bar in St MartinMr. Busby's Beach Bar
Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 543 6088
Oyster Pond / Dawn Beach (next to Oyster Bay Resort)
Enjoy fresh local lobster on the beach of Oyster Pond, Dawn Beach! This is an informal, really nice, but not well-known beach restaurant. They serve mostly local food. Visit for lunch or join the bar crowd with happy hour. Good ribs, sandwiches, etc. At night, Mr. Busby turns into "Daniels by the Sea", for fine dining with Daniel and his seasoned staff, who formerly ran famous "Da Livio" in Philipsburg.

BZH Creperie
At the corner of the superette in Oyster Pond, opposite L'Oasis
Casual, laid back French Creperie and Bar at low rates around 10-15 Euros. Serve crepes, pizza and some typical French dishes on the open air terrace, mostly covered by canvas and umbrellas. Not a fancy or chic place, but comfortable and nice setting surrounded by lush garden and trees, serving good food for those on a tight budget. Very popular with the French residents in Oyster Pond.

Destroyed by Hurricane Irma
resto Dinghy Dock
Phone Dinghy Dock (590) 0590 87 10 89
Oyster Pond, Marina
Low-key bar and restaurant, a popular hang-out for Oyster Pond's boating community. Informal atmosphere, directly at the marina. Happy Hour specials. Popularity decreased though since ownership changed in 2014 or so.

Destroyed by Hurricane Irma
resto Captain Oliver´s Restaurant
Phone Restaurant on French Saint Martin (590) 0590 87 30 00
or Phone Restaurant on Dutch Sint Maarten (721) 525 0240
Oyster Pond Marina
Open 7/7 from 7am - 10:30pm
Unique restaurant on the island, sitting right on the border of the French and Dutch part of the island. The restaurant is entirely constructed above water, in the heart of the Oyster Pond marina. Fresh fish and seafood specialties to French and Creole flavors. Lobster buffet on Saturday nights and a Sunday Brunch buffet. Captain Oliver´s is also known for its large seawater 'tank' right underneath your glass bottom table, where you can watch real sharks and sea turtles.

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